The Manor of Hope annual Holiday Celebration was enjoyed by all of our staff, residents and their families!

family christmas treeThe guys all pitched in and helped with decorations inside the Manor as well as the finished garage where the family festivities took place. We were impressed with the guys’ enthusiasm to make the event a special one for all involved.

The event started on Saturday the 23rd as our resident’s families secretly dropped off gifts and stocking stuffers for their family member to be delivered by Santa on Christmas Eve so that all the guys could enjoy opening gifts and their own stocking early Christmas morning!

Family members came to the Manor in the early afternoon and enjoyed appetizers and mingling with our extended family. We had a “Grinch Gift Exchange” for every person attending the celebration and then we all met up at the Colonial Theater in downtown Phoenixville to see the great American classic movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

After the movie, everyone walked across the street to Majolica restaurant. Chef Andrew Deery, voted best chef in Chester County graciously agreed to close his 5 star restaurant to the public and host our family holiday meal – which was epic!

We ended the night by returning to the Manor to enjoy coffee and homemade desserts.