Our culinary team of Sam and Andrew has over 40 years of combined professional cooking experience, and it shows!

Drawing on their experience, they create thoughtful, nourishing meals that keep our residents engaged in their diet plans.

By design, the focus of our meals pulls from elements found in the Mediterranean diet.  However, we keep open minds and accept and invite inspiration to our residents and staff, alike.  Manor staff member Jose is from Puerto Rico and loves to regale with recipes of some of his favorite traditional Latino dishes.

Rising to the challenge, we created our healthy version of the traditional Mexican dish, Chili Rellenos. Roasted poblano peppers are stuffed with rice, black beans, cheese, and shredded pork… and served with fresh tomato and avocado.  While this slightly deviates from the traditional fried version, we created a healthy, satisfying dish that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

We listen, and continually search out and explore… drawing on the experiences of our brothers, residents and staff members alike!