dougA Note About Mind, Body, and Spirit

By Doug

Every day the guys at the manor seek to grow in mind, body, and spirit in the following ways:

The Mind

We work to heal their minds through learning about their addictions with the help of dedicated counselors. We are also guided with meditation, enrichment, journalling and yoga to build our minds strong and clear which many agree is pivotal to recovery.

The Body

Anyone who knows the Manor and its residents know that physical activity and exercise and implemented daily and are a top priority of the program. Weight training at numerous gym facilities in the area, hiking, local adult sports leagues are just a few of the regular activities.  Combined with our stand out, health conscious chef preparing well balanced lean meals daily, the guys are working hard and stay motivated by the upcoming softball and beach seasons approaching!

The Spirit

Recently at the Manor we were blessed to have a crowd of influential men from our community host a Bible Reflection service right in our home. Based on the suggested programs laid out by AA and NA, spirituality is an essential part of recovery. Many of our guests, who have been in recovery for years, shared their own story and agreed that spirituality is indispensable in their life.  Like they say in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, it is a spiritual, not religious program. After speaking with the guys following this service, we are all looking forward to continuing our spiritual enrichment not only for ourselves but as a community.

About Doug

Doug is an integral part of the Manor of Hope community.  When not on the clock at the YMCA, Doug spends his time volunteering as a coach for local youth leagues.  He has recently taken on many speaking commitments with AA and has been an inspiration to those in early recovery.  Doug is quick to share a laugh with the guys or a tip about nutrition and exercise.