After looking through multiple addiction treatment options for his son, Brad decided to send him to the Manor of Hope for long term recovery. He discusses how this decision has helped his son fight his active addiction.

From the video:

The Manor of Hope so far has guided him in the right direction

“When I found out he had the disease of addiction I was devastated. It took a long time for us to admit that he had it and many things happened, a lot of fighting, a lot of arguing and trying to get him to do the right thing. It was tough.”

“We chose the Manor of Hope because he’s tried other things nothing was working. He was in and out of other facilities and it just wasn’t working. After interviewing with you and other facilities there was no other choice.”

“As far as my son’s future, the Manor of Hope so far, has guided him in the right direction. We feel that he is working towards a better future and it’s looking good. He still has a way to go but he’s working through it. I think things are going to be great!”