mike gliem

Mike Gliem, Recovery Coach and Resident Counselor

Manor of Hope’s Recovery Coach, Mike Gliem is a certified professional motivational/inspirational speaker and published writer. Mike spent 20 years of his life struggling with substance abuse disorder and after an amazing near-death experience, rebuilt and dedicated his life to working with others who suffer from the disease of addiction by showing them the importance of continuous self-examination, spirituality, and fellowship. Learn more about Mike and his incredible story


For anyone still suffering, or for those in early sobriety, I want to say that, with any emotion, any physical pain, trauma, if you go through it, you’ll grow through it.

Things don’t always get better in recovery, sometimes situations don’t get better but we do get better. We get better so we can handle these situations.

This also leads me to encourage people to look at their circles, who they choose to surround themselves with. If they don’t feel like they are encouraged, or inspired, or if they feel like their circle doesn’t want the best for them, then they aren’t in a circle, they’re in a cage. You need to surround yourself with those that fit your future, and not your past. You need positive people.

If you’re struggling, you need to remember that today’s struggles are developing you for tomorrow’s strength and you just need to keep going.

” Hearing the incredible stories of so many of the men who’ve successfully graduated from this program and gained a sober life, is proof in itself that this model works compared to a short stay at a treatment center.”