Today was another full day at the Manor.

All the guys had a full day of work and then a good few hours at the gym to decompress and relax after a busy day.  On average, the guys visit the gym 4-5 times per week where they engage in various activities such as lifting, playing basketball, swimming, and even the occasional yoga class.

After the gym everyone returned to the Manor for dinner and then we all headed out to a local 12 step meeting.

Once we returned from the meeting, there was still plenty of sunlight so the guys took full advantage of it.

A few of the guys  practiced their golf short game, while others started a fire in our outdoor fire pit.

We spent a good hour outside enjoying the nice calm evening and talking about golf, music, and many other topics.

Once it became too dark to see the golf balls, we all decided it was time to get inside.

It’s unplanned moments like this that make the Manor of Hope program so special.