Andrew Deery from Majolica Restaurant in Phoenixville talks about Manor of Hope’s “Building Futures Program.”

Andrew Deery from Majolica restaurant in Phoenixville, Pa explains his involvement with the Manor of Hope’s Building Futures Program and his experience in mentoring Steve, a resident at  Manor of Hope.

From the video:

“My name is Andrew Deery and I’m the chef/owner of Majolica Restaurant located in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. We’re a small, dinner only BYOB opened Wednesday through Sunday. I started Majolica in my hometown of Phoenixville just about thirteen years ago. I met Steve Killelea and became associated with the Manor of Hope and the ‘Building Futures Program’.  He told me about his program and it seemed perfect.

We gained a very good employee and a friend

Steve (resident from the Manor of Hope) turned out to be a very strong employee and he continues to work here about 30 hours a week. He has responsibilities here that he’s accountable for – he’s done a fantastic job. He displays an interest in what it is that we’re doing, he has a desire to learn, he’s motivated now.”

Steve who is a part of the Building Futures program explains, “I’m working with Chef Andrew at Majolica and he has been an inspiration. He goes out of his way just to teach me little things about cooking and I’m finally learning a lot about it and it’s great. Just holding a job for once is a plus in my life.”

Deery continues, “We’re teaching Steve how to be responsible for himself in the workplace, to show up on time, to be presentable and to be held accountable for what it is that he’s doing and I think he’s responded very well. We’ve gained not only just a very good employee here at the restaurant but everybody here considers Steve to be a friend. I think he shows interest in a full recovery and wants his life back and is interested in moving forward and were really happy about that and proud to be part of it.”

Our Building Futures Program is critical to ensuring residents have the vocational and educational skills to transition out of the Manor of Hope and into the community at large. Our residents are matched with small business partners that we have hand-picked throughout the community.


– Receive vocational training and secure job skills that will last a lifetime.
– Develop their self-esteem, self-worth and confidence in their own abilities.
– Acquire self-discipline and learn to work in a group environment.
– Earn wages that will be available upon graduation to assist with a successful transition back into the community.