art museum trip

On an unusually sunny and mild February day, we loaded up the van and made our way to the city to enjoy one of our region’s greatest cultural resources, the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

With safe covid measures in place, our men had the opportunity to take in some of the greatest works from modern history, including those of Picasso, Monet, and Van Gogh.  Built in 1928, the museum boasts over 240,000 classes of artwork including painting, sculpture, photographs, and armor.  We had a great afternoon exploring many of the museum’s exhibits, though it would be a challenge to see and appreciate everything in one visit.  We hope to return soon and continue our exposure and appreciation for our beloved art museum.

At the Manor, we encourage our men to try new things and introduce them to resources and experiences that they may not initially be inclined to try.  With open minds and a willingness to learn, we can turn the page in our lives and embark on a fresh, new future filled with rich rewards.  As always, we are thankful for the opportunity to share these experiences together.

Our expeditions, like the museum trip, strengthen our relationships with one another, and reinforce the friendships and support vital in rebuilding a healthy and rewarding life in sobriety.