Building Futures provides our residents with tangible job skills and a monetary head start when they leave the Manor

Our Building Futures program is critical to ensuring residents have the vocational and educational skills to transition out of the Manor of Hope and into the community at large.

Our residents are matched with small businesses throughout the community.  They learn a trade or profession, gain an understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur and small business owner, and improve their self-esteem.


Building Futures

tableThe Building Futures program is a critical factor to ensuring the long term success of Manor of Hope residents.  Our residents are matched with our small business partners throughout the community.  They: 

– Receive vocational training and secure job skills that will last a lifetime.
– Develop their self-esteem, self-worth and confidence in their own abilities.
– Acquire self-discipline and learn to work in a group environment.
– Earn wages that will be available upon graduation to assist with a successful transition back into the community.

Listen as Steve Killelea, the Manor of Hope’s founder discusses how our Building Futures Program provides extensive vocational training and helps residents find long term jobs that they are excited about.

From the video:
This is very different from other programs that do not focus particularly on next steps for residents. We are acutely aware that the guys face a challenging future and getting them ready to face it and to excel is extremely important for their long-term success,”
says Steve Killelea, Manor of Hope’s founder.

“One of the things that I think is hugely important, is to not just keep guys caged up. We teach them how to work with vocational skills – and for every one of them, by that 90-day mark, we’ve found a good job!”

“We help them prepare resumes. Real job preparing for the real world. So we do resume writing with them the week before their interview – because they have to go for an interview. I don’t tell them I got you a job, I say, “I’ve got you an opportunity”.

“We do mock interviews with them and we take them to the interview and I’m always the one that takes them because it’s a happiest day for me. When they come out after the interview it’s like they won the lottery! I tell their employers to grill them and make it hard on them. When they come out to the car, it’s the first time in a long time that they’ve really felt great about themselves.”

“So I’m always there and I always take a picture – it’s kind of a cool day for me!”

Some of our Building Futures Program Partners include:

  • Creative Capital Wealth Management Group
  • Signature Galleries and First Avenue Woodworking Studio

Read more about our partners here

Meet Steve.

47 rehabs, 4 overdoses, homelessness, and a 6-month court-mandated program did not deter him. 

Steve is now working part-time at a trendy restaurant, through our Building Futures Program and starting his addiction-free journey.

When he was younger, Steve took several culinary classes and developed an interest in cooking. Manor of Hope Founder, Steve Killelea recognized Steve’s interest in the culinary arts and partnered with local restauranteur Andrew Deery, executive chef and owner of Majolica restaurant to provide Steve with the education he desired.

Steve spends most of his days learning to prepare gastronomic feasts for Majolica’s patrons. He is braising rabbits, making bread and pasta, blanching octopus and preparing soups, and enjoying his rediscovered work ethic and his love of learning.

Please read Steve’s story and learn more about his journey with the Building Futures Program.