A fast and furious Saturday

The guys from the Manor took part in a great cause this weekend as they attended the 5th annual car show event “Cars for Kacie.” This year’s event took place at Downingtown High School.

Kacie’s Cause is a nonprofit organization consisting of concerned parents, business people and citizens tirelessly fighting the heroin and opioid epidemic that has invaded our county and our nation.  We seek to educate our communities of the widespread use of opioids, substance use disorders and unbiasedly promote the availability of prevention, education, treatment, recovery and support programs in our community for the Individual and their families.

The car show helps raise awareness of the current opioid crisis plaguing our communities, and guest speaker Tony Luke Jr. who lost his son to an overdose, shared his personal story and concerns. There were recovery groups, sober living homes, free Narcan, free pill pods to safeguard medications, a medication drop-off box, great food, a silent auction, and assorted vendors. The guys took in the sites and sounds of this really cool event and checked out a bunch of great cars.

With all of the excitement the guys worked up quite an appetite! Luckily, Phoenixville was having their annual food truck festival. There were dozens of food trucks available and all the guys took full advantage. After everyone was stuffed and refueled it was time to head back to the house to watch some college football. Another nice fall weekend at the Manor of Hope ;)

manor of hope guys at car showmanor of hope guys at car showmanor of hope guys at car showmanor of hope guys at car show