Philadelphia Area Lacrosse Star Overcomes Addiction & Neurosarcoidosis

Brain surgery was not as hard to overcome for this pro Philadelphia Wings lacrosse player as his addiction to prescription opioids.

Philadelphia Area Lacrosse Star Overcomes Addiction & Neurosarcoidosis2017-05-04T12:11:15-04:00

Weekends at the Manor

Residents of Manor of Hope follow a daily regimen that includes hard work, exercise, clinical therapy, NA meetings and proper nutrition. On weekends we provide a variety of activities that interest our residents and expand their experience in the greater community. These are just a few of the activities we've engaged in recently: Phillies baseball at [...]

Weekends at the Manor2019-07-23T11:43:15-04:00

Parents from the New Leaf Club Visit Manor of Hope

A parental support group from New Leaf Club joined us last week for a tour of our drug and alcohol rehabilitation support facilities.  We met at the Half Hill Farm in Malvern, where our residents work during their first few months with Manor of Hope.  We toured the grounds and the circa 1804 barn and parents familiarized [...]

Parents from the New Leaf Club Visit Manor of Hope2017-04-25T16:45:08-04:00

The Fearless Six!

It was all brotherhood and battling as the Manor of Hope crew took to the fields of Skirmish Paintball this weekend.   Over a marathon day the team experienced countless moments of victory, defeat and excitement.  Often finding themselves outnumbered and outgunned by the Skirmish regulars, we relied on team work and hustle to get the [...]

The Fearless Six!2017-04-25T16:48:19-04:00

Exercising for Rehabilitation

The weather was perfect on Sunday, so after completing the morning chores and spending a few hours at the gym, Manor of Hope residents went out for some fresh air.  We visited a local golf driving range where we spent time hitting golf balls.  We thoroughly enjoyed the experience:  those residents that had solid golf skills were very helpful in giving [...]

Exercising for Rehabilitation2017-04-25T16:54:05-04:00

Residents work with our Building Futures Partners

Two of our residents recently graduated from working on the farm and began working with partners in our Building Futures program.   One resident is working under the tutelage of Ed Schoen at 1st Avenue Woodworking in Royersford, PA.  Ed is teaching this resident how to make custom furniture.  Owners Ed and Sherrie have been [...]

Residents work with our Building Futures Partners2017-05-04T12:34:23-04:00

Snow Day!!

Snow, snow, snow! Our residents were given a one day reprieve from the farm due to the weather and instead spent the morning playing Scrabble.  The competition was fierce!  As the snow began to taper off residents and staff ventured outside to clear the Manor walkways. After lunch we agreed that conditions were perfect for [...]

Snow Day!!2018-01-01T12:46:18-05:00

Manor of Hope welcomes a new resident!

Manor of Hope welcomed a new resident on January 26th.  He is a young man working to overcome a heroin addiction.  Upon his arrival, he was given a tour of his new home and our team helped him get settled in and familiarized him with his new surroundings.  Chef Marshall prepared a wonderful meal for [...]

Manor of Hope welcomes a new resident!2017-05-04T12:46:18-04:00
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