The Manor was very quiet on Christmas morning. There was a cold strong wind blowing outside but the house was cozy and warm.

Steve, one of our senior residents was up early Christmas morning and was the only one awake. By 7am he was busy in the kitchen making homemade gravy with meatballs and sausage. The smell of cooking travelled up the stairs! Doug was the second one up and started helping Steve to cook and treated all the residents to a special, traditional Italian family breakfast of Italian sausage stuffed French toast.
House Manager John woke up shorty thereafter and ran through the house waking the rest of our residents.  Little by little, they all made their way downstairs to be greeted by a nice surprise: Santa had made one last stop at the Manor of Hope before returning to the North Pole! 
Everyone was amazed to see an awesome arrangement of personalized Christmas stockings and Christmas gifts arranged under the tree.
The guys all gathered around the room and open their gifts.  Smiles and laughter were a plenty. It was a beautiful Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas to all, from the Manor of Hope.