Mental Health and Addiction Support Program for Men

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“My son John struggled with a heroin and alcohol addiction, as well as underlying mental health issues for over 10 years. We’ve made it our mission to change the way addiction and mental health recovery is approached in the United States”.
Steve Killelea, founder of Manor of Hope

Manor of Hope is a small and structured Therapeutic Community dedicated to providing comprehensive, long-term support for men dealing with mental health and addiction challenges.

Our facility is conveniently located within a short drive of Fairfield County and New Canaan County in Connecticut and offers access to Philadelphia’s finest therapists.

With an exceptional staff-to-resident ratio, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to guide our residents toward long-lasting sobriety and living a purposeful, healthy life.

A parent of a resident at the Manor of Hope talks about her experience

“…the care and support that he’s gotten have really exceeded what we thought when he started. The first months were like… “How’s he going to do? what’s going to happen?”

But as he’s been here, we love coming to visit and we’re just really happy to have our son back!

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“Our leadership team sets us apart. We are passionate, experienced, and dedicated to transforming the men who stay at our post-detox facility into healthy, happy, and addiction-free members of the community.”


Why Our Mental Health and Addiction Support Program is Different:

  • Long-term treatment in a family environment. Manor of Hope offers an extensive 12-month program, a significant departure from the common 30-day rehab programs that fall short of allowing the body to effectively detoxify and overcome dependency. While living in beautifully maintained housing, our residents and caring staff come together to make it feel like a warm, inviting home. They share meals, do activities, and build strong, supportive connections with each other.
  • Provide genuine personalized care. Manor of Hope houses a small, boutique Therapeutic Community. Our size of 16 residents and 8 staff members is designed to provide the necessary attention to address the needs of every community member. Addiction and mental health disorders affect people from all walks of life. Our residents arrive with unique assets, challenges, and goals. To create the most appropriate, realistic treatment plan our dedicated staff mentors spend countless hours learning the details of each case. From that assessment, we work with our residents in building a path and incorporating all the necessary support for that resident to achieve his goals.
  • 24-7 supervision. Your son or loved one will be supervised and have access to our expert staff on-site.
  • High staff-to-resident ratio. In comparison to other programs, we have an extremely high ratio of staff to residents. Our residents are surrounded by expert staff who provide personal and individualized care at all times.
  • Job placement. Our residents are matched with small businesses throughout our community with vetted, “Building Futures Program” partners.  They learn a trade or profession, gain an understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur and small business owner, and improve their self-esteem.
  • Recovery Worx Vocational Training Program. Recovery Worx is a unique, paid apprenticeship program designed to develop our residents’ vocational skills. Participants are offered the opportunity to learn from master teachers at our premier woodworking school.
  • Supporting resident’s education. We work side by side with our residents in creating and supporting a plan to reach their educational aspirations. Since our inception, we have helped residents pass the bar exam and professional certifications, graduate from prestigious universities such as Villanova University and West Chester University, to helping them complete high school degrees, enroll in local community colleges, trade programs and much more.
  • Life skills and financial training. All residents receive basic life skills training including financial training,
  • Community service. Residents at Manor of Hope learn the value of giving back. Manor of Hope has strong ties to many non-profits in our local community and they offer residents opportunities to use their wide range of skills and passions.
  • Highly structured, evidence-based program. We use a well-designed phase system of milestones and earned privileges. As a highly structured program, we focus on and treat each resident individually. As goals are met, privileges are earned. This encourages long-term growth and focuses on the future.
  • James Beard trained Executive Chef. All meals are included and prepared by an executive chef. Food has a huge effect on the body and the mind. The Manor of Hope adheres to a strict no-sugar policy. Sugar is highly addictive! Most rehab centers provide low-quality, processed foods which can negatively affect mental and physical health. We are believers in, “You are what you eat.”
  • Culinary Program. Our Culinary Program is designed to heal mind and body, while preparing residents for life beyond the Manor of Hope. We understand the strong connection between physical and emotional health. Sustaining a healthy Mediterranean diet and regular exercise has been shown to repair years of damage from addiction and neglect.
    Residents participate in group culinary sessions that explore healthy recipes, ingredient shopping, and cooking techniques, nutrition counseling, and aftercare planning including food budgeting and meal preparation.
  • On-site Wellness Center. Our Wellness Center is a few steps away from the main house and includes a gym, game room, culinary education kitchen, and private space for individual therapy. Our residents receive professional fitness instruction and a daily physical wellness regimen.
  • Regular recreational events and exciting excursions. throughout the region including local and professional sporting events, participation in local sports leagues, concerts in the park, New Jersey shore trips, fishing, holiday events with family, and more.
  • Agricultural and Apiary Program. Our main campus houses a large, enclosed organic garden and apiary with 16 bee hives. The Agricultural and Apiary Program provides education and homegrown organic food for our residents and staff. Residents enjoy the therapeutic benefits of outdoor activities, gain entrepreneurial skills through marketing and selling our honey products, and learn values such as planning, maintenance, routine, and reward.

Resident Advocacy: 

  • Legal advocacy. We help residents navigate legal charges, take them to necessary appointments, and support them through the legal system.
  • Connecting with qualified therapists, specialists, and psychiatrists. We help with the coordination and supervision of all medical and clinical partners.
  • Transportation to all commitments. We take residents to all legal and medical appointments, meetings, and employment.

Continuing Care:

  • On-Campus Graduate Housing. The relationships built during a resident’s stay are essential to their recovery and long-term success and many residents chose to reside in our graduate housing after their time in the main program. Our graduates are housed in two beautifully renovated properties adjacent to our main campus to encourage a strong connection to the community. This allows them to live independently while still receiving support and services from our team. Graduates have access to the Main House, and Wellness Center, as well as several community gathering spaces and walking trails.
  • Ongoing transitional services. Our dedicated staff members provide assistance including credit repair, searching for employment, financial training, and educational counseling.

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Manor of Hope is a long term drug & alcohol rehab support program serving Connecticut.

pain medication

The epidemic in Connecticut has been expanding despite officials’ efforts to control the situation.

On average 2 people die of a drug overdose every day in Connecticut.

Opioid and heroin deaths are now spreading to CT suburban towns with lower median incomes tending to have the highest rates of death from drug overdoses in Connecticut.

Within Connecticut, Waterbury, Hartford, and New Haven are consistently ranked in the first 3 towns with the most overdose deaths every year since 2012. Most deaths are linked to opioids & fentanyl, as seen on the Drug Overdose Deaths in Connecticut Data Dashboard, 2015 to 2022.  Opioids can include prescription medicines such as morphine, oxycodone, tramadol, morphine and many others as seen on this list of Opioid-Containing Medicines

Deaths from fentanyl have jumped by 165%. Some of the fentanyl recovered and tested has been found to be a less-pure version than what you would receive in a hospital and is typically laced with heroin to increase its potency and ultimately increases the chance of death. Fentanyl is now no longer an “inner city” issue. It is moving to the suburbs and rural areas at a high rate.

CT towns with the most opioid overdoses in 2016:

  1. Hartford: 62
  2. Bridgeport: 49
  3. New Haven: 44
  4. Bristol: 35
  5. New Britain: 35
  6. Waterbury 33
  7. Norwich: 24
  8. Meriden: 24
  9. West Haven: 21
  10. Stratford: 20

The Manor of Hope offers a unique program to help young men battle the disease of addiction. Just a short drive from Westchester county, our exclusive program helps a small number of young men battle the diseases of opioid addiction, heroin addiction, fentanyl addiction, prescription drug addiction, and alcoholism. The Manor is a beautifully restored farmhouse that offers residents luxurious accommodations and 24/7 monitoring.

Traditional drug rehabs/detox programs are the first steps in combating what has become an epidemic in America’s towns and communities. But unfortunately, we’ve seen time and time again, that long-lasting results are lacking in the present system. Rehabilitation facilities and halfway houses don’t offer a long-term solution to a disease that requires extensive time and therapy. The Manor of Hope nurtures its residents and provides a therapeutic community for addiction. We offer a long-term recovery program where our residents get a chance at learning lifelong skills and trades.

At the Manor of Hope, we offer a long-term solution for young men looking for addiction treatment in Greenwich, CT, and addiction treatment in Stamford, CT

Our program focuses on helping young men with substance abuse & addiction issues including :

Opioids, (heroin, morphine, fentanyl, prescription painkillers), benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol addiction.  Our post-detox addiction program focuses on long term recovery.

Our approach to addiction recovery is participatory, group-based and one that improves the likelihood of long-term recovery.

Our Building Futures Program is a crucial element to ensuring the long term success of Manor of Hope residents. We match our residents with vetted small businesses throughout the surrounding Philadelphia area. In this apprenticeship program, residents receive vocational and educational training and secure job skills that will last a lifetime. Find out more about our Building Futures Program.

We offer a beautiful residence with top of the line facilities:

manor of hope founder steve killelea and john killelea

“My son John struggled with heroin addiction for over 10 years.”

Together, we’ve made it our mission to help others find long-lasting recovery from addiction.  If you have any questions at all, please call me directly. “

– Steve Killelea, Founder of the Manor of Hope

*Your call is private & confidential.