citrus fruits

andrew deery notes from the kitchen

Andrew Deery,
Culinary Director at Manor of Hope

With grey skies, cold temperatures and a fresh blanket of snow… what could be more aptly timed to pull us out of a seasonal funk than the arrival of citrus season?!

The bright colors, aromas, and flavors of citrus find their peak during the winter months, which is an especially helpful time when we are subject to the cold and flu season.  A walk in the produce section of any well-stocked grocery at this time can yield a wide variety of citrus fruits including blood oranges, kumquats, Meyer lemons, key limes, and pommelos.

The acidic nature of citrus breaks down fibers in foods that are cooked or marinated in it, adds brightness and a refreshing flavor, and works hand in hand with fats to help balance a dish.  They are a versatile and nutritious addition to our winter menu.

At the Manor of Hope, we take the time to gather weekly in small groups to talk about, cook and taste a wide variety of foods.  We, all, are fortunate to live in a time and place that affords us the opportunity to enjoy just about anything we want to eat.  We encourage everyone to take full advantage of the seasons and find inspiration to learn, create and enjoy that which life has to offer.