group fishingLast week the Manor of Hope guys were extremely helpful moving furniture and working on other big projects around the house. As a reward for their hard work, the whole community took a trip down to Rock Hall, Maryland and enjoyed a 4 hour deep sea fishing trip on the Chesapeake Bay!

For many of the guys it was their first time being out on a boat fishing and they were excited to potentially bring back some fish for dinner!

When we arrived, we were greeted by our captain and his assistant. Throughout the trip, they both were extremely helpful with taking us to the best fishing spots, helping us with using bait and the correct fishing equipment, and teaching us the correct techniques to reel in the fish properly.

It was quiet until about an hour into our trip a few of the guys started getting some bites and ended up reeling in a few Chesapeake Bay Rockfish (also known as Stripers). Then, all of sudden, everyone started getting bites on their lines and reeling in fish.

By then end of the trip we had caught 22 Chesapeake Bay Rockfishfish and most of them were over a foot and half long!

The captain and assistant were kind enough to gut and fillet all the fish so we could take them home to prepare them for dinner. Our chefs, Sam and Andrew whipped up an amazing meal that the entire Manor of Hope community enjoyed!

It’s safe to say everyone enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to the next fishing trip.