Recently the Manor of Hope guys visited French Creek state park for a day of Disc Golf.

Gary, Anthony, Luke, Sam and Scott arrived at the park, eager to test their disc golf skills.  We grabbed our discs and set off on the 10 minute hike that takes us to the parking lot to hole #1.  After looking at the map briefly, the game was on.  Since Luke was a French Creek disc golf veteran, he was the first to tee off, followed by Anthony, Gary and Sam.

The first hole went fairly well for all the guys.
The second hole is a bit more difficult but it also went well.
The third hole took a while as all the guys send their discs right through the woods and steep hills of French Creek.

By the time we got to the fourth hole, everyone seemed to be fairly warmed up and getting the hang of it.  Sam and Luke were trading the lead between the two of them for several holes, while Anthony and Gary were just a few strokes behind.

The game turned fairly competitive as well as fun.  The guys hiked through the woods, playing their best, trying to get as close to a hole in one as possible.  There were a lot of par shots for sure.  Even navigating the course was fun, since we had to use our navigation and map reading skills.

Sadly, we had to abruptly end the game as heavy rain poured on us! However, we will be back soon!

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