The relationships built during a resident’s stay are essential to their recovery and long-term success, and many residents choose to reside in our graduate housing after completing the main program.

graduate housing & aftercare

Our graduates are housed in two beautifully renovated properties adjacent to our main campus to encourage a strong connection to the community. This allows them to live independently while still receiving support and services from our team, a common treatment model for a therapeutic community. Residents become a tight-knit group and support each other through and beyond their addiction recovery journey. It’s more than just a community—it’s a family.

Graduates have access to the Main House, and the Wellness Center, as well as several community gathering spaces and walking trails.

Graduate Housing & Aftercare includes:

  • High-end accommodations including private bedrooms for all residents
  • Continued mentorship by Manor of Hope staff members
  • Healthy meals prepared by the culinary team
  • Access to wellness center including gym and game room
  • Opportunity to participate in recreation and enrichment activities
  • Financial literacy
  • Transportation services for those who do not have a personal vehicle
Manor of Hope Main House
Manor of Hope Wellness Center
Manor of Hope Healing Center
Manor of Hope Graduate House
Manor of Hope Graduate House

“I have no idea where my son would be were it not for Manor of Hope. He'd been to 2 other rehab centers before we found help at the Manor."

“The difference in our experience at Manor of Hope has been completely different than our previous experiences. Our son has “softened” his attitude, listens to input about his care and progress, is holding a job, and has been sober for a year and two months. Steve and his team sincerely care about the men at the Manor. They take the time to get to know them personally and take an interest in each individual journey. At the Manor, they also take an interest in the family. They recognize that addiction affects more than just the individual, it affects the whole family. Phone calls, emails, texts, get-togethers are all regular occurrences. They understand and try to facilitate healing the damage done by addiction. For the first time, we are hopeful. We know this is going to be a very long ongoing process. But, we feel confident our son is getting the best care available. We would absolutely recommend Manor of Hope to all who are looking for top-notch, individual centered, care.”

– Julia M.


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