Doug, Matthew, Max and Jim stepped up the efforts for greening the Manor by building its very first three-bin composting unit.

Our goal:

To have a garden abundant with vegetables that will be naturally fertilized by our compost efforts. 

The 3-bin compost system takes advantage of size, heat, process and an easy way to keep track of finished material.  Compost piles go through stages of growth and maturity.

In the first stage, our clean compost will build up microbial activity which will result in increased temperatures. Depending on the size of the pile, the raw compost materials, how much we turn the compost and how hot the pile gets, this may take a few weeks to a month to complete the first stage.

The second stage is the “baking” stage where the high temperature of the compost “bakes” to perfection. 

In the third stage, the compost pile will be a mixture of materials that do not resemble their former selves. The temperature of the materials drop and the compost is ready! It will remain in the third bin until we fertilize the garden.