Greenwich CT Mental Health Treatment Program for Men

Manor of Hope has the most comprehensive, long-term mental health support program for men in the nation and is only a short drive from the Greenwich, Connecticut area.

We take on some of the toughest cases and get the best outcomes.

Our program supports men transitioning from inpatient rehab, intensive outpatient, and standard outpatient mental health treatment or addiction support.

We assist individuals with a broad range of mental and behavioral health diagnoses including:

  • substance use disorders
  • bipolar disorder
  • mood disorders
  • anxiety (GAD, OCD, PTSD)
  • personality disorders
  • eating disorders
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • depression
  • ADHD


Our exclusive 16-resident therapeutic community provides 24/7 support in a family-based environment and offers top-notch amenities.

The staff here is passionate, experienced, and dedicated to working closely with each resident to help them find meaningful employment and become healthy and thriving members of society.

manor of hope in phoenixville pa exterior view

Our Mental Health Treatment Support Program Highlights include:

  • Long-term treatment in a family environment. Manor of Hope offers an intensive 12+ month program in a residential environment.
  • Emotional and psychological support with access to top Philadelphia area therapists, specialists, and psychiatrists. We coordinate and supervise all medical and clinical partners.
  • Job placements through our vetted “Building Futures Program” partners. Residents can slowly adapt to a local job that is vetted to take advantage of their skills.
  • We help repair family relationships. We host Christmas and Thanksgiving parties at Manor of Hope for residents and their families. We also have a private area with a full kitchen, bathroom facilities, and a large room for families to visit with their loved ones during their stay at the Manor.
  • All meals are included and prepared by our James Beard trained Executive Chef. We believe in “You are what you eat,” unlike most rehabs that provide low-quality, processed foods. We have an organic garden and bee apiary on-site to provide fresh food year-round.
  • High staff-to-resident ratio. Our expert staff provides personal and individualized care.
  • Community service opportunities with our local partners.
  • A structured phase system of milestones and earned privileges that encourages long-term growth and focuses on their future.
  • On-site Wellness Center with professional instruction and a daily physical wellness regimen.
  • Regular recreational events and excursions throughout the Philly region.
  • 24/7 supervision and access to on-site staff. We provide a safe environment for approximately 16 residents to ensure that they receive focused and hands-on rehabilitation.
  • We provide legal advocacy.
  • Transportation to all commitments, including legal and medical appointments, meetings, and employment.

      long-term mental health support program

      At Manor of Hope, each resident receives a “Manor Mentor”, who is there to assist in coordinating medication and care in the periods before, during, and after their stay in our program. Our dedicated staff mentors spend countless hours learning the details of each case. From that assessment, we work with our residents in building a path and incorporating all the necessary support for that resident to achieve his goals.

      We assist individuals with a broad range of mental health diagnoses including:

          Graduates have access to on-campus housing, therapy, and support groups.

          • Education and life skills training. Graduates can access courses, support groups, financial literacy, and money management skills at a local center.
          • Ongoing transition services. Our staff provides credit repair, employment assistance, financial training, and educational counseling.
          • Graduate housing. Our campus includes two graduate houses connected to our main campus. These renovated properties are ideal homes for our graduates.
          • Access to Manor of Hope campus and health center. Graduates can attend weekly Dharma therapy sessions and are part of our family and community. Dharma therapy offers a holistic approach to mental health, incorporating spiritual growth and ethical living.
          • Access to Manor of Hope’s extended family of residents and staff who have completed the program and formed a close-knit community. We encourage graduates to give back and support new participants entering the program.

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          We are a short drive from Greenwich, Connecticut.

          Manor of Hope is a small and exclusive program supporting 16 residents at a time, making our program highly effective. We are located in Phoenixville, PA a suburb of Philadelphia and a short drive from Greenwich, Connecticut. We also offer residential addiction treatment support for CT residents.

          Why should I choose an out-of-state mental health treatment center?

          An out-of-state mental health treatment program can be a powerful tool for recovery.

          It will provide privacy for healing, and remove you from local stressors that could slow your progress. It may also offer specialized treatment options that may not be available in your state. We’ve found that our out-of-state residents can focus their mental health recovery efforts more effectively by being in a new environment with diverse treatment options, aftercare planning, and ongoing support for long-term well-being. An out-of-state mental health treatment center gives you a fresh start and enhances your chances of successful recovery.

          At Manor of Hope, we offer a long-term solution for men looking for substance abuse treatment and mental health support in Connecticut locations including mental health treatment & support in Stamford Connecticut.

          manor of hope mental and behavioral health treatment center pa

          Greenwich CT Addiction Treatment Program


            Our therapeutic community is equipped with top-notch facilities.

            Residents at Manor of Hope are all treated with respect and support. They live in a family environment and eat meals, exercise, go on weekend adventures, and spend a lot of time together. They become a tight-knit group and support each other through and beyond their recovery journey. It’s more than just a community—it’s a family. 

            Manor of Hope Video

            Manor of Hope is located at: 1129 Egypt Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460

            Brochure: Long Island NY Addiction Treatment Program 

            manor of hope printable brochure

            (1 minute 41 sec.)

            Listen to a resident’s dad talk about his experience

            “My son went through 47 rehabs until we found Manor of Hope. If it wasn’t for this program, I think my son wouldn’t be here today. I appreciate everything Manor of Hope has done for him…”

            (2 minutes 34 sec.)

            Listen to a resident’s mom talk about her experience

            “I was able to sleep again not worrying or wondering what he was doing… We’re very proud of him now that he’s back in school. He’s going to have a great future because of Manor of Hope.”

            (1 minute 41 sec.)

            Listen to a resident talk about his experience

            “Manor of Hope is a very structured program that has really saved my life. I feel hopeful and optimistic now for the first time in a long time…”

            Ad ReAd Re
            23:43 24 Jun 24
            Before coming to Manor of Hope I was unable to work or go a day without using drugs and I was homeless. Now I work over thirty hours a week and have been clean for almost a year. I have a stable place to live and have no issues paying my bills or wondering where my next meal is coming from.
            Deborah KerrDeborah Kerr
            14:43 25 Apr 24
            The Manor of Hope is a tremendous program which has helped many men achieve and embrace their sobriety. The program uses a holistic approach to support the resident’s recovery in mind, body, and spirit. Residents of the Manor are immersed in a program which has many facets including 12 Step meetings, physical fitness, mindfulness, social interactions, therapeutic groups, 1:1 therapy, family therapy, craft woodworking instruction, book club, finding employment, educational classes (financial, technical, philosophical, and more). Residents also learn new skills such as culinary instruction, beekeeping, organic gardening. This is not a one size fits all program. Each resident has a 1:1 mentor that supports them and helps to tailor a program that best supports them in their recovery. This program can transform lives of men who suffer from the disease of addiction.
            Kevin FlaniganKevin Flanigan
            12:42 21 Apr 24
            Manor of Hope changed our son's life. He had been to many programs before, but this is the place where our son truly started to thrive. What's different about MoH? First, it's a true therapeutic community. Steve and the rest of the remarkable staff got to know our son as an individual. They were able to tell us things about our son (including his strengths and specific challenges) that no other program had figured out. Second, it's long-term - our son graduated from the program and is currently in the graduate housing, still eating meals, working out, going to campfire/Dharma meetings, and participating in activities with fellow community members a year and a half later. Finally, it's individualized. Whenever we have a question, Steve is on the phone or meeting in person with us, helping us figure out how best to guide our son as he figures out next steps.
            Karin FlaniganKarin Flanigan
            14:46 20 Mar 24
            After several outpatient and inpatient rehab centers and several sober houses, our son was truly stagnating. He just wanted to move forward with his life, but he needed personalized supports. Manor of Hope provided this in spades. Immediately upon his arrival at the Manor our son began training for a marathon. Just four months later he completed a grueling trail marathon. Steve then worked with our son on finding a career path. He guided him toward a CDL training course and he has now started his career driving trucks for a great local company. And he has his sights set on another marathon. He can now see his future. We couldn't be happier for him and we have the Manor of Hope to thank for all of it!
            Jan WalkerJan Walker
            17:04 12 Mar 24
            The Manor of Hope is a life saving recovery residence for young men experiencing mental illness and drug/alcohol addiction.The staff truly cares and treats the residents like family.I highly recommend this program. I will be forever grateful for all they did to not only save my son's life but also to help him find meaningful employment and start him on a path to a better life.
            M. G.M. G.
            03:04 25 Feb 24
            Highly recommended!! In terms of age, my husband is not the typical Manor of Hope resident. My family thought he would be resistant to yet another sober living facility and we did not have much positivity. But in doing research and talking to the owner, we realized this is not “just another” sober living facility.The community is clean, cozy, and homey with beautiful surroundings. Steve is the owner and calls Manor of Hope a “therapeutic community.” We didn’t understand that term until visiting, but then it made sense. Every day is filled with not just meetings, meals and movie nights, but scheduled activities and workshops that are geared towards a successful long-term recovery.With barely a month under his belt at the Manor of Hope, I realize it is early, but compared to the many other places he has been in the past 20 years for addiction and mental illness, my husband is not asking to leave—he is content. He has become social, exercises, tries new things, and actively participates in activities that help build his self-esteem, expose him to other vocations, and teach him to develop a good mindset and self-care habits (like woodworking and culinary classes, resume building, volunteering in the community, and weight training)—and he is not given the option to say “no.” For the first time in years, he is starting to feel good about himself. He even has a positive outlook about maintaining sobriety and wellness. He's eating healthy, and really enjoying the food (and he is picky)! It’s so wonderful to see him positive, and he is smiling again! He has responsibilities, and is expected to be an active part of the living community. He is also taken to his medical appointments. Some residents have jobs and are taken to their jobs, too.Steve is present nearly every day—it was clear from our first time meeting him that MOH is his passion. He gets to know everyone as an individual, really bonds with them and takes an active part in their recovery. I am so grateful for and amazed with the experienced team of clinicians and medical providers that Steve has assembled for my husband’s treatment plan, and for the sense of safety and hope Manor of Hope has given our family. MOH is helping my husband learn to think and live differently without intimidation so that when he is deemed ready to leave, he has a strong support system and the best chance at continuing to beat this disease.
            gina younggina young
            15:50 24 Feb 24
            I highly recommend Manor of Hope. My son recently completed the year program and has chosen to transition to their graduate housing. What makes this program stand out is the care and concern Steve and the rest of the staff show for each individual resident. When David was newly arrived Steve drove him to meetings, taking advantage of the time in the car to connect. Each resident in the program has a staff member as a mentor. John was David's mentor. He was a great role model and spent a significant amount of time counseling and developing a deep friendship with David. The two cooks, Andrew and Kevin, are not only amazing chefs (I am often asking for cooking tips), but importantly very present for each resident. A shout out to all the terrific staff. Some of the many activities David takes advantage of are weekly workout sessions with Lance, the bowling league with Steve and John, Dharma meetings every Monday night at the Manor of Hope fire pit, weather permitting, and education classes on managing personnel finances. Another key aspect of the program is that the residents have fun, as well as work hard. They learn a sober life can be fun and rewarding. Additionally, the knowledge that my son was safe and well gave me time to recover and has allowed our family to reconnect in a healthier way.