swiss chard

Manor of Hope’s Organic Garden Closes Down for the 2022 Season

The Manor of Hope’s organic garden has slowly wound down for the 2022 season. And now that our night time temperatures are hovering around freezing, we have harvested the last of our swiss chard, arugula, and rosemary plants.

Through our Agricultural Program, our residents are learning about the nutritional values of everything we grow and learning how to use them in quick and easy-to-make recipes.

Swiss chard is one of those versatile plants that is packed with vitamins and is even an anti-inflammatory. It is in the same family of other high-nutritional plants such as beets and spinach, with a nutty flavor that’s an excellent addition to a stir fry or omelette.

We will take advantage of the last of our plants and look forward to early Spring when we can plan for next year’s crops!