view from the top

This past week the guys hit the Pennsylvania section of Appalachia trail for a two-day, 30-mile hiking and camping excursion.

The journey began with a steep and humbling climb just outside Port Clinton.  From there the guys headed North and were met with more climbs and tough terrain.  Their hard work was rewarded when they reached the lookouts of Pulpit Rock and the Pinnacle. 


After rounding out 20 miles the first day, the Manor of Hope crew set up camp and enjoyed a warm fire and well deserved rest.  The next day they pushed off towards Hawk Mountain for one last challenging assent.  The adventure ended with an extraction from John and a feast to celebrate the trip!

All the hikers agreed that despite the cold at night, the punishing rocks, and hard climbs it was time that they will look fondly back on.

on the trail