Appalachian trail overviewThe Manor of Hope guys took advantage of the gorgeous weather this week and headed out to Hamburg, Pa to hike a section of the Appalachian Trail called the Pinnacle loop.

The crew arrived at the trail head mid-morning.  The sun was out and the weather was perfect.  After a quick review of the map, everyone grabbed water bottles and starting walking uphill towards on a wide gravel path.  After a short distance, the trail made a sharp right turn and turned onto a narrow rocky trail typical of the Appalachian mountains in Pennsylvania.  The trail was covered in snow and ice at times, making the climb to the top of the mountain challenging as well as fun.

The first section of the trail was more of a gradual uphill slope.  But about half way up it the trail  veered to the left and the grade became much steeper.  The closer we got to the Pulpit Rock summit, the steeper it became.  The last section of the trail as we approached the Pulpit Rook outlook was very steep and rocky.  However, shortly after we were greeted by the stunning views of The Blue Mountain Ridge, Hawk Mountain, and the valley below; which made all the effort much worth it.  The crew spent a while at the summit enjoying the views.  After a while, we walked past the summit observatory and headed down reservoir road back to the car.  Some of the guys made their way down to the stream to splash their heads with the cool water coming from the mountain.

It was another great day!  Enjoy some of the pictures of this adventure.