Our guys continue to be quarantined, but holidays offer us the opportunity to snap us out of autopilot and present a time to pause and reflect on family, community, and gratitude.

Easter especially is a time to celebrate the sacrifices others have made for the benefit of others.  

easter at the grad house

easter at the grad house

The Manor of Hope community was happy to have the opportunity to break bread together on Easter across both of our campuses.

Sam was in the kitchen early on Sunday morning preparing a feast of holiday favorites as requested by the guys at Manor of Hope. He skillfully whipped up sweet potato casserole, deviled eggs, green bean casserole, and other classic dishes.

sam cooking

While residents at the MOH Graduate House also enjoyed a delicious meal which was generously catered through Scott’s mom.

Both houses also enjoyed the beautiful weather and some quiet time together outside on the porches.


Though we could not be in the same physical space of our families, we nonetheless felt connected to them as we expressed gratitude for the role they’ve played in our journeys.


Along with celebrating sacrifice, Easter inspires us to seek new beginnings to find a fresh start. Our Manor of Hope community is looking forward to what spring will bring and the brighter days ahead.

  • sam cooking