4th of July bike trip

This Sunday, we threw our bikes in the van and took a road trip north to the beautiful and historic town of Jim Thorpe in the Lehigh Gorge.

Rich in coal mining history, this scenic town is named for the Native American athlete and Olympic gold medalist (read up on his very interesting life), and is consistently ranked as one of the most fun, most beautiful, most romantic and best adventure towns to visit.  We arrived to find the town bustling with visitors, and quickly made our way to the local outfitters, who transported our party to the top of a ridgeline along the Lehigh River.

We rode our bikes along the 15-mile gravel trail, taking in sites of the valley, river and historic train line.  The weather was perfect, and we arrived back in town tired, but surprisingly refreshed.  We milled around town to shake out our legs and grabbed a little pizza before heading back.  Needless to say… it was a quiet ride home.

We rounded out our Independence Day with fireworks at the Manor of Hope Graduate House… all in all, a great day! We are thankful for the opportunity to enjoy life and all that it has to offer, and appreciate the Manor family, staff and residents alike, who make it what it is.

  • 4th of July bike trip