In keeping with our core values, the Manor of Hope has and continues to, build relationships.  We invest in and contribute to, the local families and businesses that make our surrounding community unique.


One of our many, valued relationships is that that with Stony Hill Farm (, who not only assists us with the planning and execution of our beautiful, raised bed gardens but provides us with fresh, local chickens and eggs.  We continually search out the best products we can, as the end result of our cooking efforts is only as good as the sum of its parts.  We are thankful for our relationship with them, and the generosity and kindness of our other friends and business affiliates.

We love farm-fresh eggs, and they are a staple item in our house recipes.  Pictured is one of our founders, Steve Killelea, favorite dishes… quiche!  A self-proclaimed quiche aficionado, steve has declared that our quiche recipe is the best he has ever had!  We aim to please, and welcome the compliment!