The Manor of Hope could be considered a therapeutic community but we like to think we are unique!

manor of hope

We are a support program – in fact, SUPPORT is a great way to describe our program.

Everything we do at the Manor of Hope deals with the support of our residents on their path to sobriety.

We take young men with issues of addiction who have already completed drug rehab and are not actively taking drugs or alcohol and we support them and guide them to a new and sober way of living.

Our program also focuses on the future and we take a lot of time to find the right fit for a job/career path for every resident that can sustain them and make their entrance back into society easier and more productive.

We have many stories of residents who are now thriving in our addiction support program after years of being in and out of drug and addiction rehabs. Read about the difference between a therapeutic community and a drug rehab is.

So yes, we are therapeutic community, but we are small and unique and our program excels at supporting young men and focussing on their future.