Taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather (while continuing to practice safe, social distancing), we took our culinary enrichment outdoors today, fired up the grill on our beautiful patio, and made traditional Mexican tacos. It’s Taco Tuesday!

Simple preparations, quality ingredients, and thoughtful cooking techniques were our focus as we began our study of Mexican cuisine.

Rather than settling for less, we started by preparing our own freshly made tortillas from scratch!

Fun, easy and nutritious, our whole grain corn tortilla provided the perfect platform for two preparations: Tacos al Pastor, and Carne Asada.

We soaked up the sun as we discussed the ingredients (like Cojita cheese and masa flour), cooking techniques (such as marinades and grilling/resting pork and steak), and the nutritive and economical benefits of making your own tacos.

We laughed, learned, and enjoyed the day together.  Taco Tuesday.