Manor of Hope resident Jack has completed his first-ever marathon!

He came in with a time of 4:53 and ran the entire 26.2 miles in the “Philadelphia Trail Marathon” on Sunday, April 24th!


Jack’s been putting in the work and training for the past 4 months for this race along with working full-time, going to meetings, and working hard on his sobriety. His commitment to this goal continues to inspire all of us.
Events like this show us that with support, guidance, and determination, our residents can turn their lives around.
Staff and other residents here are all equally proud of his commitment and amazing accomplishment.  All the residents banded together and wore “Jack’s Fanigans!” t-shirts and joined him for a pre-race carb-loading dinner on Saturday night!


Sunday’s race ushered in perfect running weather, with clear skies and cooler temperatures. Along with Jack’s family, the Manor of Hope crew was there to support him through all 26.2 miles!