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Labor day weather was not exactly beach weather.  The skies were cloudy and we had heavy rains in the morning and the afternoon.  However, that was no obstacle for the manor of hope team.  We were determined to have a good day.

The gang started the day on the right note by taking an early trip to the gym.  Some of the guys practiced yoga, while some others played basketball and lifted weights.  Everyone was active and working out. 

After the trip to the gym, the guys came back to the house to eat a snack, and planned the next move.  The team debated between fishing, disc golfing, going to the movies or going to Get Air Trampoline Park.

The decision was unanimous: the gang was headed to Get Air!

As always, the competitive nature of the guys kicked in…

The 1st race was the slack line race.  The guys divided into two teams and competed to see who could go the farthest in the slack line before falling.  The race was hilarious and there were many You Tube worthy falls!

After a while, we gave up on the slack line.  Although it was very funny to attempt it, in reality we weren’t very good at it.

The 2nd race was the obstacle course.  The guys had to do a Spider-Man jump into a double wall, then crawl under a net, climb a high wall, complete the monkey bars and get through a foam pit.  It was a tough course for sure.  Justin, Mallozzi, John, Dave, Ryan and Kyle all competed fiercely, but Ryan had the leading edge in the end.

After the obstacle course, the guys engaged in free jump, doing front flips, back flips, twists and turns.  All the guys demonstrated their skill set, but Dave’s skills were simply impressive!  He is a true acrobat! The last half hour were spent in a fierce dodge-ball battle, where everyone had a true blast!

As we walked out of Get Air, Mallozzi decided he wanted to get in the Hurricane Simulator to see how winds up to 70 miles an hour felt!

After their time at Get Air, the guys returned to the Manor, where Chef Sam was able to grill some burgers and hot dogs in between storms!

It was another great Labor Day at the Manor…