andrew deery notes from the kitchen

Andrew Deery, Culinary Director at Manor of Hope

The goal of our culinary enrichment program is to encourage, motivate and inspire our residents to learn about cooking techniques and healthful meal options.


The other day, we took a foray into the wide world of salmon, discussing its nutritive value, versatility and a few preparations.  

We started our lesson by enjoying a little smoked salmon together (a first for a few of the guys)!

Moving on to the practical, we learned a classic cooking technique: cooking fish en papillote (in paper).  Cooking salmon (or almost any fish) in parchment paper is a fast and easy method that is accessible, healthful and yields impressive results.

Here’s how…

The salmon is enclosed in a folded envelope, along with aromatic vegetables, fresh herbs, and citrus juice and gently steamed.  10 minutes later, we were all rewarded with a satisfying, healthy meal that was good enough to put a nice smile on Mike’s face!

A good time was had by all, and we look forward to future classes and the fellowship and support offered by our brothers on their journey!

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