andrew deery notes from the kitchen

Andrew Deery, Culinary Director at Manor of Hope

Our Manor diet is one that is based on whole foods, which places emphasis on unprocessed and unrefined ingredients and using those to create healthful, nourishing meals for our residents.

Our culinary team, Sam Walters and Andrew Deery, not only prepare meals, but take great pride in using the forum of our culinary classes to motivate, educate and inspire our residents to make sound choices with regard to their diets.  Aided with the help of our resident sourdough starter, Breadly Cooper, and a beautiful grain mill, we occasionally bake whole wheat sourdough breads to accompany meals.

The process is lengthy, but the reward is dramatic.

Many positive life lessons can be learned during the process of making sourdough bread, and we take the time to pause and appreciate our food sources.

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