moh bee-keeping


It’s all the buzz…!

At the Manor of Hope, we continually strive to provide our residents with outlets to inspire, motivate and educate their intellect.

Our extensive raised bed gardens offer a rewarding opportunity for our men to learn about agriculture… planning, planting, care, and maintenance.  To complement this facet of our programming, we recently became the proud new guardians of two beehives!


Of course, there is a lot to learn about this beneficial and amazing project… and we are very proud to rely on our new friends at the Chester County Beekeepers Association to guide us in our journey.   We spent a warm sunny afternoon constructing and painting the boxes, all the while learning about the functions of the various components.  After carefully choosing a location near our gardens, our bees arrived and were carefully introduced to their new home.


We couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter in our Manor story!  As we learn and grow with the bees, we look forward to keeping you posted on our progress.

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