The nurturing climate at the Manor of Hope includes the reinforcement of the values that we hold dear, including sharing, caring for our fellow brothers and sisters, and contribution. With this spirit in mind, the Manor has partnered with Caring for Friends …and the staff and residents contribute 5 hours per month towards this worthwhile effort.

Caring for Friends, formerly known as Aid for Friends, is one of the largest and most comprehensive meal delivery programs in the 5-county Greater Philadelphia region. They typically serve nearly 2,000 clients, the majority of whom are homebound seniors. They also provide fresh, frozen and pantry stable food to faith organizations and community nonprofits to fill their community pantries and support their group cooking events.

There is no charge, time limit, or age requirement for their services. Caring for Friends will extend its services to anyone who unable to afford or purchase food. While the majority of the clients are elderly, about a quarter of Caring for Friends clients are individuals under the age of 60 who are homebound due to disabilities and illness.caring for friends

With their network of individual and group volunteers and affiliated caring organizations, Caring for Friends tries to serve the entire 5-county greater Philadelphia area—Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia—in every neighborhood where there is a need for their services.

Caring for friends is dependent on volunteers who rise to meet the challenge of serving all neighborhoods where a need exists, and we couldn’t feel happier to have the opportunity to contribute our time to this cause.

caring for friendsIf you are looking for a fulfilling volunteer opportunity and can volunteer for at least 1 hour each week, please sign up to be a Caring for Friends volunteer visitor.