Manor of Hope welcomed a new resident on January 26th.  He is a young man working to overcome a heroin addiction.  Upon his arrival, he was given a tour of his new home and our team helped him get settled in and familiarized him with his new surroundings.  Chef Marshall prepared a wonderful meal for the group that evening and we took time to get to know the new addition to our Manor of Hope family.

During his first full day at Manor of Hope, our new resident was acclimated to life on our working farm.  The daily routine includes caring for our livestock:  cleaning stables and chicken coops, collecting eggs and feeding and watering the animals.  In season, residents will also care for our gardens.  They are currently clearing land to make room for a larger vegetable and herb garden to be planted in the spring.


Each day is filled with hard work, exercise, outpatient group and individual therapy and 12 Step meetings. Weekends offer time for structured, but more varied activities:  tennis, cycling, football, basketball, kayaking, sporting events, yoga, meditation, movies and museums.