manor of hope biking group

The Manor of Hope crew prepared early Thursday morning for an adventurous biking excursion in Jim Thorpe, Pa, the heart of Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains.

The skies were clear and the spirits of the guys were high. We couldn’t wait to gear up and feel the fresh mountain air!

We all arrived in Jim Thorpe and were eager to get on our bikes and start exploring the trails. We set out soon after arrival and started our mountain biking journey on Jim Thorpe’s scenic gorge trail, located deep in a lush valley of the Pocono Mountains.

The trail ahead of us was beautiful! On one side of the trail, the Lehigh River showed her power in all her glory and on the other side, the steam engine of the Lehigh scenic railway blasted its horn.

After biking a number of miles into the gorge and feeling the invigorating mountain breeze through our hair, we decided to stop and take a breather. After enjoying the scenery of the mountains, it was time for a short dip in the cool waters of the Lehigh River!  We all needed a quick recharge and after a short time, hopped back onto our bikes and continued down the trail deeper into the  gorge.

All in all we biked about 10 liberating miles and then turned around to enjoy the ride back to Jim Thorpe. Our trip concluded with a well-deserved stop at the famous Woods ice cream shop, as well as some town exploration.

It was a proud day for the Manor guys as we left Jim Thorpe with an extreme sense of accomplishment. We gave ourselves pats on the back in anticipation for our next journey!

  • manor of hope biking group