• caught a fish

The Manor of Hope guys packed their fishing rods and swimming gear as they set out to go on an outdoor summer adventure at the Marsh Creek State Park.

Something in the air Saturday morning told us it was going to be a fun filled day at the lake. The guys were ready and excited for some refreshing summer water sport experiences! We all took full advantage of some of Marsh Creek’s most popular attractions.

The newest member of our Manor of Hope staff team, Max Hammond, took charge and set out on a speedboat mission with some of the guys in hopes of catching some of the variety of fish the lake has to offer. Each of our fishermen was able to peacefully enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the calm water. It became even more satisfying and enjoyable for everyone involved as each member was able to catch at least one fish during their adventure.

While the fishing crew was out on the water, Gary, Scott, Ryan, and Max decided to try out some of the other water sport recreational activities at Marsh Creek. They chose to rent paddle boards and kayaks and in doing so also gained an all-around pleasurable and entertaining experience.

Max and Ryan traveled to the back of the lake where they discovered a great jump off point at a large rock and found themselves jumping into the water as they pleased. Meanwhile, Gary and Scott took their kayaks out leisurely onto the lake for quite a while until they found themselves back on the beach where everyone met up and played a casual game of Frisbee.

The guys had another summer adventure with water sport activities for everyone to appreciate!