Ever since the Manor of Hope opened, it has been founder Steve Killelea’s goal to create a “Wellness Center” in the garage on the property.

“We’ve wanted to expand our services to be able to include a gym, a rec-room, a multipurpose area for meetings or yoga or just hanging out, and private areas for therapy offices,” said Steve Killelea.

The garage has been used as a sort of storage area / hang-out for the guys to enjoy a game of pool, lift some weights, or practice space for the musicians in the Manor but it stood empty during the winter months because it was unheated. As time went by it turned into an area to store patio furniture, bikes, etc and became less of a “hangout-place” and more of a “throw it in the garage” place!

It is a substantial garage, with two floors and lots of areas to divvy up and Steve had the vision to use the space to minimize the travel for off-site counseling.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it became a goal to get the Wellness Center finished. From adding insulation, building walls that are sound-proofed, to adding wood floors to HVAC and lighting, the new Wellness Center was abuzz with builders and construction crews.

And now it is FINALLY completed! Take a look at the progress below.