Max talks about what it feels like to be addicted and how he has begun to appreciate his life and look forward to his future after having taken part in the addiction rehab support program at The Manor of Hope.

From the video:

Max, a resident at The Manor of Hope talks about HOPE

“Addiction is a prison of the mind. You’re beholden to a lifestyle that you hate, that you cannot stand, but until life grants you a pardon you’re stuck there. In my life today I have changed everything! You know, it occurred to me that that what I had been doing, my habits, are what brought me here and so every time the thought occurs to me that this may be the easiest thing to do, I go in the opposite direction.

“Today I am I’m actively engaged in therapy. I seek out good sober fun. I’m learning how to have fun in sobriety and I’ve introduced a great deal of structure into my life.

Today my future is full of endless possibilities!

“If I had to send one message to someone immersed in active addiction it would be that there’s always a chance, there’s always hope. Addicts, when they’re not actively engaged in addiction, are some of the some of the kindest, most intelligent and most motivated people I know and you can always apply those skills to a meaningful life. If you lose all hope you’ve lost the battle.

“Today my future is full of endless possibilities! I get to do something worthwhile with my life and I get to be there for my family and my friends. Now that I’m sober, I appreciate the fact that my parents can rest easy and they can sleep at night not worrying about where and what I’m doing and I look forward to being a big brother to my siblings.”

“I have been sober since March 22nd 2017.”