“I am committed to creating a world-class program that will change current views on what effective addiction recovery programs look like in the U.S.” -Steve Killelea

Steve Killelia

In order to ensure that we maintain the highest standards and deliver a consistent level of excellence, the depth of our team and the experience they bring to Manor of Hope is vital.

We offer 24/7 administration and support, a familial environment, and a commitment to the young men residing at Manor of Hope before, during, and long after their stay.

Please take a moment and read some of our parent testimonials and stories from the young men who have been in our program.

“If you are reading this and wondering if it is true, I can promise you it is!
They saved my son’s life when no other program worked.
They deeply care for each man and their individual recovery journey.
Call them! You will never be sorry!”

– Julie Mrozek

Meet Our Founder: Steve Killelea

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My son John struggled with heroin addiction for over 10 years. He went through many different rehab programs in the USA but nothing worked until I found a unique program in Canada which changed his life and mine. He’s been sober and living an addiction-free life for years now. Through this experience, we have made it our mission to help others who cannot find long-lasting help for addiction. I built the Manor of Hope, to be the most comprehensive addiction support program in the nation and we have helped many young men overcome their addictions. I hope you will look at why our program is different form other addiction programs and view our video testimonials from parents and current residents.

If you have any questions at all, please call me directly.


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