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Our team is available to talk with our residents & their families 24/7

In order to ensure that we maintain the highest standards and deliver a consistent level of excellence, the depth of our team and the experience they bring to Manor of Hope is vital.

We offer 24/7 administration and support, a familial environment and a commitment to the young men residing at Manor of Hope before, during and long after their stay.

Matthew McFadden


Matthew McFadden, Executive Director of Resident Services

As Executive Director of Resident Services, Matthew ensures that the programming and staff at the Manor of Hope are designed to deliver the highest quality experience to all residents during their stay.

He is responsible for supporting staff through oversight and ongoing professional development while continually seeking out the innovative opportunities and strategic partnerships necessary to achieve the organizational mission of excellence.

Matthew brings to the Manor of Hope a passion for teaching and a commitment to learning from all those he supports.  His career in the fields of education and recovery began while living and teaching in Argentina and Honduras.  After returning to the United States, Matthew began coordinating the supportive services of a young adult substance abuse program located in Philadelphia.   While in that role, Matthew observed firsthand the devastation that drug use inflicts on our families and our communities.  He also witnessed inspiring stories of triumph and had the honor of working with some of the brightest minds in the field of recovery.

Matthew earned a Master’s of Education from Temple University in 2013.  Since then he has utilized his training and experience to design and implement resilience and life skills programming.  He has served as a mentor and advisor to both students and professionals alike.  His work has helped build pathways towards meaningful employment and education opportunities which promotes lasting change in those he serves.

Matthew is an adventurer at heart who has enjoyed his time traveling the world.  These days you’ll find him exploring the forests closer to home with Scout, his Australian Cattle Dog.

Matthew McFadden


Collin Wainwright, Programming Director

Collin Wainwright, our dedicated Program Director and outreach coordinator at Manor of hope, brings a profound personal connection to his role. Embarking on his own path to recovery at the age of 21, Collin experienced firsthand the challenges of rebuilding one’s life after addiction. This transformative journey ignited his deep-seated commitment to pay forward the support he received.

Educationally grounded with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Westchester University, Collin is currently advancing his knowledge through a master’s in social work at Widener University. This academic foundation, combined with his personal experiences, uniquely equips Collin to understand the nuanced psychological and social aspects of addiction, fostering an environment where residents feel genuinely heard and supported.

Beyond the office, Collin is a passionate marathon runner, finding inspiration in the consistency and endurance required for both personal growth and the recovery journey. Notable accomplishments, such as completing the NYC and Boston Marathons and the Happy Valley 70.3 Half Ironman, underscore his dedication to overcoming challenges.

Collin’s professional journey spans various facets of addiction recovery, including roles in both inpatient treatment and residential sober living homes. His hands-on experience demonstrates his adeptness in navigating the complexities of supporting individuals through the recovery process.

In his leisure time, Collin can be found on the roads, diligently training for the formidable Ironman Lake Placid 2024. This commitment serves as a testament to his personal growth ethos and mirrors the resilience he encourages in those under his care.

John Killelea


John Killelea, Director of Client Advocacy

John’s passion is helping individuals struggling with addiction. He understands from experience what this horrible disease can do to a person and their family. John grew up in South Jersey and began experimenting with drugs in High School. His use rapidly spiraled out of control and consequently, John struggled with heroin addiction for over ten years. He entered countless thirty and sixty day rehab programs during that period. He never found the help he needed or any sustained success through those programs. As John’s addiction progressed he ended up homeless living on the streets of South Florida.

By chance, he was admitted to a therapeutic community. John was finally able to find the environment he needed to heal and adequate time away from his old life, allowed him to achieve long term sobriety. He has been substance free since June 23, 2014 and is attending college to become a certified addictions counselor. His firsthand experience with this disease is invaluable when it comes to relating to and empathizing with our residents. He helps residents navigate the many pitfalls and trials that all people face during their recovery.

Andrew Deery, Executive Chef


Andrew Deery, Culinary Director

Andrew was born and raised in Phoenixville, PA where he first discovered his passion for cooking. From an early age, he was inspired by his grandfather’s extensive vegetable gardens and his grandmother’s love of cooking. Following graduation from Phoenixville High School, Andrew attended Baltimore International Culinary College and earned an Associates Degree in Professional Cooking in 1992.

Andrew relocated to Maine, working in fine dining restaurants where he gained an appreciation for the seasonality of ingredients supplied by a
network of local farmers, foragers, and fishermen. He resided in Maine for 8 years before returning to his hometown of Phoenixville to pursue his ambition of opening his own restaurant.

In 2004, Andrew opened Majolica, a 40-seat, dinner-only BYOB restaurant highlighting quality local ingredients and exceptional service. The restaurant and staff received numerous awards and accolades, including the “Best Chef of Chester County,” a three-bell review from the Philadelphia Inquirer, and was highlighted in many publications including the cover of the internationally circulated Art Culinaire Magazine.

Andrew has been open about his challenges with past substance use and has lived a sober lifestyle for the past 8 years. This decision led him to an introduction to Steve Killelea, founder of the Manor of Hope. Majolica partnered with the Manor, participating in the Building Futures Program, which places Manor residents in safe work environments, and allows them to learn a trade.

Majolica employed one of the first Manor residents Steve S., who quickly became a valuable member of the staff and friend. Andrew wished that Majolica end on a high note and held Majolica’s last service on the 15th anniversary of its opening on December 7th, 2019. It remains a source of pride and completion in his life, and he considers the relationships he made with customers as its greatest benefit.

Andrew wanted to share his accumulated skill, experience and expertise with the Manor program, and joined the staff as Culinary Director in January
2020. As Director, Andrew prepares meals for/with manor residents and conducts weekly culinary classes. Additionally, Andrew runs the Manor Agricultural Program, overseeing the planning and maintenance of the culinary gardens. He also functions as staff beekeeper, maintaining 12 hives and overseeing honey processing and online sales.

Owner Steve Killelea continually re-invests in his staff, providing them with opportunities to further their education and experience in the field of
recovery. Andrew has taken advantage of this opportunity and has been awarded a certification in CPR and is a PA state-certified family recovery
specialist (CFRS).

In between his duties, Andrew can be found sharing his interest in yoga, kayaking, or guitar with manor residents.

Andrew Deery, Executive Chef


Kevin Welch, Culinary Director

Growing up as a picky eater, Kevin discovered cooking almost by accident. In high school, he got a job at a local restaurant just so he could work with his friends but quickly began working his way up the ranks and eating everything in sight. He continued working in restaurants for 5 years, eventually landing a sous chef position at Station Taproom in Downingtown, PA.

In 2015, Kevin decided to attend Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, where he was one of 23 students in the nation accepted into their Advanced Standing program. Kevin completed his Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Service Entrepreneurship in under two years, all while working full-time at award-winning restaurant, New Rivers American Bistro.

In 2017, Kevin decided to move back to Pennsylvania to open East Branch as Executive Chef where he received praise for inventive, seasonal, vegetable forward food. He also received features in Edible Philly Magazine, PA Eats, and many other online publications. In 2019, Kevin also began teaching culinary classes at the Wayne Art Center.

After experiencing several close friends and many co-workers in the restaurant industry be impacted by alcohol and the opioid epidemic, Kevin decided to take his career in another direction. Cooking, eating, and staying healthy are all intertwined life skills that can get lost over time or never even learned in the first place. It’s Kevin’s mission to support and teach others these valuable life skills to help them gain confidence and independence in the kitchen as well as in life.

Kevin also competes in powerlifting which has taught him about nutrition and the connection between food and fitness, further enhancing his interest in healthy eating. His interests include playing music, lifting weights, and cooking with new and exciting ingredients.

Scott Hoffman


Scott Hoffman
From a young age, Scott felt a deep-seated desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. His journey began with aspirations of becoming a physician assistant, but fate had other plans. Following his first year in college, Scott shifted his focus to psychology, driven by an innate calling to understand the complexities of the human mind.

However, amidst the pursuit of his academic dreams, Scott found himself ensnared in the clutches of addiction. Prescription pills meant to enhance his focus and aid his studies became a gateway to a decade-long struggle with substance abuse. The road led him to substances he never thought he would encounter, from heroin to methamphetamine, resulting in overdoses, hospitalizations, and brushes with the law.

Scott’s journey to recovery reached a turning point when he discovered Manor of Hope. Over 18 transformative months, he shattered the chains that bound him to addiction, discovering that true happiness didn’t require the crutch of substances. Simple joys, like laughter with friends and exhilarating activities like skiing and white-water rafting, became sources of fulfillment.

Graduating from the program in early 2020, Scott embraced a new chapter as a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) at Manor of Hope. Today, he thrives in a meaningful life alongside his wife and family, engaging in activities such as exercising, meditating, hiking, and expressing himself through music with his guitar.

At Manor of Hope, Scott’s greatest strength lies in his unwavering empathy for residents. Leading the Recovery Dharma meeting in the Wellness Center every week, he takes pride in connecting with and guiding individuals on their journey to a better life. Scott’s sense of purpose emanates from his hope that others will experience the same freedom and joy of sobriety he has found. He stands ready to do whatever it takes to facilitate the transformation of those coming through the program, ensuring they too can embrace a life of lasting recovery and fulfillment.

Arlene Stillman


Arlene Stillman, Office Manager

Arlene recently joined our staff as the Office Manager.  She has a varied background, after graduating High School, she entered the military – US Army, she was Honorably Discharged after serving for 6 years.  She has had a variety of management roles once returning to the area.  Retail Store Manager, District Manager, Office Manager & Service Manager so we feel she is more than qualified to Manage our Office here at Manor of Hope.

She is family-oriented, having four children of her own and adopting five additional children.  She has many interests aside from taking care of her family.  She loves to do research on her family history & traveling throughout the US and various countries, she is also creative working on various types of crafting projects.