Our team is available to talk with our residents & their families 24/7

In order to ensure that we maintain the highest standards and deliver a consistent level of excellence, the depth of our team and the experience they bring to Manor of Hope is vital.

We offer 24/7 administration and support, a familial environment and a commitment to the young men residing at Manor of Hope before, during and long after their stay.

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Matthew McFadden


Matthew McFadden, Executive Director of Resident Services

As Executive Director of Resident Services, Matthew ensures that the programming and staff at the Manor of Hope are designed to deliver the highest quality experience to all residents during their stay.

He is responsible for supporting staff through oversight and ongoing professional development while continually seeking out the innovative opportunities and strategic partnerships necessary to achieve the organizational mission of excellence.

Matthew brings to the Manor of Hope a passion for teaching and a commitment to learning from all those he supports.  His career in the fields of education and recovery began while living and teaching in Argentina and Honduras.  After returning to the United States, Matthew began coordinating the supportive services of a young adult substance abuse program located in Philadelphia.   While in that role, Matthew observed firsthand the devastation that drug use inflicts on our families and our communities.  He also witnessed inspiring stories of triumph and had the honor of working with some of the brightest minds in the field of recovery.

Matthew earned a Master’s of Education from Temple University in 2013.  Since then he has utilized his training and experience to design and implement resilience and life skills programming.  He has served as a mentor and advisor to both students and professionals alike.  His work has helped build pathways towards meaningful employment and education opportunities which promotes lasting change in those he serves.

Matthew is an adventurer at heart who has enjoyed his time traveling the world.  These days you’ll find him exploring the forests closer to home with Scout, his Australian Cattle Dog.



Jose Rivera, Director of Operations

Jose Rivera is a seasoned director and accomplished professional, who has over 13 years of experience in the Health Care/Behavioral Health Services Field. During his career, Jose has managed and led teams of health care and behavioral health professionals in creating and delivering high quality programs and services for clients. These services included outpatient substance abuse treatment for teenagers and adults, family, marriage and individual counseling, and case management services for those individuals in treatment. Jose’s expertise includes creating and managing interdisciplinary teams of health care professionals, including psychiatrists, phycologists, physicians, social workers and case managers that work together to address all areas of treatment, including clinical components, vocational skills, health and nutrition, etc.

Jose earned a Bachelor’s of Art’s in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico, which included a year at West Chester University, as part of the National Student Exchange Program, and a Master’s in Business Administration with a specialty in Health Care Services from Saint Joseph’s University. This combination of educational skills and professional background makes Jose an exceptional and seasoned leader in the addiction services field.

One of Jose’s guiding principles is to be of service. He believes that is his responsibility to assist individuals that are in need, including those being affected by substance abuse. His professional career has been devoted to the serving others. He has worked at several human services/healthcare based nonprofit organizations with the same purpose. His commitment to help others expands beyond his work life into his personal life. Jose has served on the Board of Directors of other organizations dedicated to assist individuals battling with substance abuse issues in the past, providing his expertise to develop effective and successful programming.
Jose is also an active outdoors man, who spends his free time camping with his two children, mountain biking, hiking or running in the woods of Eastern Pennsylvania. Jose is a firm believer that physical and emotional well-being go hand in hand, and he is a big advocate for physical activity as part of a successful substance abuse treatment program.

Expect him to greet you with a warm handshake and a friendly smile upon your visit at The Manor of Hope.

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Peter Brizick, Recovery Coach

“ A fisherman always sees another fisherman from afar.”

Old Russian Proverb

Translated – this means – I can See, Hear, Feel, and Understand you – because we are the same and we’ve been through similar things. Peter’s work as a recovery coach is built upon a foundation of his personal experience and journey, toward and through recovery. He shares that experience and journey openly in order to form a bond with individuals who are in need of effective, “real life” guidance and support as they enter and progress through their own recovery journey.

Over the last three years, Peter attained a Certified Recovery Specialist designation in Pennsylvania, Certified Recovery Coach through Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR), Certified Recovery Coach Academy Trainer through CCAR, DBT Skills Trainer Certificate, and SMART Recovery Facilitator Certificate. Additionally, Peter was a recipient of 2017’s Unsung Hero Award through Caron Treatment Centers for demonstrating excellence in the realm of recovery support. As a self-proclaimed, life-long student – over the years – Peter has maintained a self-guided course of education which incorporates the following topics: personal growth/development concepts, sports/performance psychology, Eastern spirituality/philosophy, and traditional recovery related topics.

In working with individuals, Peter places great value on meaningful conversation in both one-on-one and small-group settings. However, powerful interactions can also occur while coach and individuals are engaged in other activities. To that end, Peter incorporates music, exercise, sports, mindfulness/meditation, cooking, gardening, and other healthy, meaningful activities which often support effective conversation and rapport building.

In addition to his work as a recovery coach, Peter has provided intervention planning and facilitation services, transported individuals to treatment locally and nationally, accompanied individuals to legal proceedings, visited with incarcerated clients, and successfully managed several crisis situations involving young adults and their families.

Fun, Little-Known Fact About Peter

  1. First career was as a professional musician: he sings and plays piano, saxophone, guitar, and drums
  2. Has read the Bible cover to cover three times and four translations of Tao Te Ching
  3. Ran a sub-five minute mile in eighth grade
  4. Practices Tai Chi and traditional boxing as part of his fitness routine
  5. Resides in West Chester PA with his wife and two young sons

Peter is thrilled to be joining the team at Manor of Hope and looks forward to bringing his energy, creativity, and experience to everyone, especially the residents.

Linda Kunze, Director of Transitional Programming


Linda Kunze, Director of Transitional Programming

As Director of Transitional Programming, Linda utilizes her professional experience and considerable network of resources to inform and educate Manor Residents in financial wellness: budgeting, bank account management, taxes, insurance, credit repair and restoration, and investments. During their stay at the Manor, she helps to prepare our young men to make a successful transition back into the community as financially responsible young men. Linda is also responsible for regular check- ins and periodic budget reviews after our residents leave the Manor.

Linda is a Suma cum Laude graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Now retired, Linda spent her 32 year career as a mortgage banking executive. Resourceful and results oriented, Linda has extensive expertise in both sales and operations and has been responsible for budgeting, recruitment and training, marketing, new business development, process engineering and systems implementation.

George Hall


George Hall, Director of Community Engagement

George came to the addiction treatment field as a father. In 2011, George’s then 14 year old son Benjamin broke 2 small bones in his back playing basketball. He was prescribed an opiate for the pain. Over the course of the next 4 years, Benjamin became addicted to opiates. In order to better understand the disease that his son was battling, George sought a new career in treatment. George has worked with several of the premier treatment centers in the country and for very personal reasons has a keen interest in helping families of young men struggling with substance use disorder. He is involved in all community outreach and visits treatment professionals, community groups and families to explain our programs and how we help young men discover and maintain meaningful recovery. George and his wife Joy are extremely active in philanthropy related to children in the foster care system in Philadelphia.

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John Killelea


John Killelea, Director of Client Advocacy

John’s passion is helping individuals struggling with addiction. He understands from experience what this horrible disease can do to a person and their family. John grew up in South Jersey and began experimenting with drugs in High School. His use rapidly spiraled out of control and consequently, John struggled with heroin addiction for over ten years. He entered countless thirty and sixty day rehab programs during that period. He never found the help he needed or any sustained success through those programs. As John’s addiction progressed he ended up homeless living on the streets of South Florida.

By chance, he was admitted to a therapeutic community. John was finally able to find the environment he needed to heal and adequate time away from his old life, allowed him to achieve long term sobriety. He has now been substance-free for almost three years, and is attending college to become a certified addictions counselor. His firsthand experience with this disease is invaluable when it comes to relating to and empathizing with our residents. He helps residents navigate the many pitfalls and trials that all people face during their recovery.

Aaron Pickholtz


Aaron Pickholtz

Aaron began his journey in the field of mental health and addiction in the summer of 2017 at the age of 26, when he realized that helping those in need is what’s most important to him. He gained inspiration to work in the field when his family member developed into a new person after years of a long, difficult battle. Aaron spent over a year working at a secluded therapeutic community tucked away in the Green Mountains of Vermont, where he gained a lifetime worth of experience in living in an outdoor community, and providing people with the tools they need
to help them regain their health.

Aaron found peace through a healthy lifestyle consisting of running, snowboarding, hiking, spiritual practices and a healthy diet. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge of his recovery techniques and passing them along to others at the Manor of Hope, in order to provide a healthy future for its clients. He strives to help individuals become their optimal selves and pave the way for a bright, substance free life.

Aaron graduated from West Chester University in the summer of 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies. He very much enjoys working with people and helping them for a living. He is currently working toward becoming a certified recovery coach, as well as an influential player in the clinical field. He is very happy to be a part of the Manor team, and will always provide you with the warmest of welcomes!

Sam Walters, Executive Chef


Sam Walters, Executive Chef

Sam was born to be a chef. Raised in the kitchen of his family’s Italian restaurant, Sam was initially introduced to the culinary arts by his parents. Their passion became his and Sam went on to graduate from the Philadelphia Restaurant School which included several months in working in France with a French culinary team. Sam brings to the Manor over 30 years of culinary expertise. From the Philly Cricket Club to the gastropub, Magerks, Sam has mastered a variety of cuisines using fresh, local ingredients in healthy and innovative ways. Meals prepared at the Manor are diverse with an emphasis on lean meats, whole grains, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sam’s passion for creating gastronomic delights is shared with our young men. Under the tutelage of Sam, during their stay Residents learn how to select and prepare nutritious meals for themselves. In addition, working side by side with our Residents, Sam manages the planting and maintenance of our Manor garden.

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Samson, House Mascot

Samson is the Manor of Hope’s house dog! He is always available to take a walk, listen or grab a treat with our residents.

Samson hopes to spend time with all at the Manor.