The last Sunday of each month, the Manor of Hope opens its doors for parents and family to come and visit their loved ones.

We decided to have a nice bbq to kick off the summer and celebrate Memorial Day.  It was a a great day! The guys woke up early and went to the gym for a solid workout before the bbq.  We were trying to create a good caloric deficit before indulging in the good food later that day.

After the gym, the guys returned to the Manor to get ready to see their family members.

People started to arrive around lunch time. The visitors brought a variety of dishes, from salads to deserts, while Doug took charge of the grill. He is a pro at grilling!

It was a great time. Everyone sat at the table on the patio, eating, laughing and sharing fun stories.  We all enjoyed grilled ribs, hot dogs, burgers and of course desert and hot coffee.


Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend as much as we all did!

  • Doug and Elliot at the grill