We take on some of the toughest cases and get the best outcomes by offering one of the most comprehensive & unique programs in the nation.

Manor of Hope houses a small, boutique Therapeutic Community. Our size of 16 residents and 8 staff members is designed to provide the necessary attention to address the needs of every community member.

Addiction and mental health disorders affect people from all walks of life. Our residents arrive with unique challenges and goals and to create the most appropriate, realistic treatment plan, our dedicated staff mentors spend countless hours learning the details of each case. From that assessment, we work with our residents in building a path and incorporating all the necessary support for that resident to achieve his goals.

We have a wealth of experience helping our residents navigate the systems and challenges that have traditionally prevented them from finding success.

mental health support program for men

We assist individuals with a broad range of mental health diagnoses including:

long-term mental health support program

We connect residents with qualified therapists, specialists, and psychiatrists

  • Help to build connections to the larger recovery community
  • Repair familial relationships
  • Transportation to all therapy appointments

Our programming offers residents the opportunity to engage in evidence-based practices that address their individual mental health needs.

Each resident receives a “Manor Mentor”, who is there to assist in coordinating medication and care in the periods before, during, and after their stay in our program.

We’ve also developed strong collaborative relationships with some of the most respected clinicians in the Philadelphia region and in addition to our in-house services, our residents have access to these outside therapists, psychiatrists, and specialists.

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We are available 24/7 to find help for your loved one – please don’t hesitate to contact us!