While our support never waivers, it’s nice to take a break from the routine and refresh our perspectives.

This week, we had the good fortune to take a group vacation to Glen Falls, NY. Residents and friends of the Manor, accompanied by our outstanding staff, converged on a beautiful house on Lake Seneca, the largest (and deepest!) of the Finger Lakes. With natural sites and resources abound, we filled our days with kayaking, camping, wake-boarding, fishing, and hiking in the plethora of state parks surrounding the lake.

The weather was beautiful, the waters were crystal clear and the conditions were such that we practically had the entire 37-mile long lake to ourselves! As fun and exciting as the activities were, the most rewarding aspect of our trip was the time spent together as a family.

The relationships that we build are strong, and our time together is precious.

We make the most of our shared time by offering love, friendship, guidance, and support to one another. We are most fortunate to have this time we are given and are thankful for all that we have and the opportunities provided to us at the Manor of Hope.

It was a truly memorable vacation, and yet another beautiful reminder of the fulfilling and exciting life we can live free from addiction.