Manor of Hope is a long-term therapeutic community for young men battling the disease of addiction

A therapeutic community (TC) is a participatory, group-based approach that improves the likelihood of long-term addiction recovery. Residents are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and others within the community and to hold one another accountable for following the rules of the community.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. Time is the most important ingredient for attaining and maintaining a successful outcome. Changing brain chemistry and adaptive behaviors cannot be achieved through a short-term program.

Manor of Hope is a small, therapeutic community situated in a picturesque setting adjacent to Valley Forge National Park. We offer post-detox support services to young men committed to bettering their lives. Our young men receive clinical services, educational and job training and life skills.


Our Program

We believe that successful addiction treatment must incorporate 3 essential components:


The cause of his addiction must be identified and then treated appropriately.

Substance abuse is perceived as the cause of addiction. In reality, it is a symptom of the disease. Failure to recognize this distinction can lead to misguided treatment recommendations and poor outcomes.

addiction treatmentWe must recognize the complexity of addiction:

  • Its genetic base
  • Psychological and behavioral changes
  • The impact on family and friends

All of these must be considered in order to maximize the chances for a successful outcome. Manor of Hope residents receive on-going individual, group and family support.

In addition our young men share their journey through constant peer-to-peer interaction. Over time our residents learn new adaptive behaviors, enabling them to manage their issues in a healthy manner.


learning2The brain must be allowed sufficient time for healing to take place.

Most experts agree that substance abuse alters brain function.  This abnormal signaling causes changes in behavior.

Afflicted individuals are impulsive, emotional and irrational.

When an individual suffering from the disease of addiction discontinues substance use, the brain begins to heal itself. With time and appropriate treatment, brain function and the abnormal behaviors return to a normal state.

Manor of Hope provides the environment and support necessary to achieve these goals.


building-futuresEliminating destructive behaviors that lead to substance abuse and then adopting a healthy new lifestyle is critical to long term success.

During their stay, Manor of Hope residents learn to:

  1. adopt  new attitudes, behaviors, and values
  2. communicate effectively and co-operate with others
  3. be responsible and accountable
  4. be valuable employees and take pride in their performance
  5. develop humility, self-control, and excellence in standards
  6. manage and lead,  problem solve, and make a contribution
  7. deal with changes and improve self-confidence
  8. be punctual, polite, reliable, and productive
  9. enjoy a wide range of healthy indoor and outdoor activities without  unnecessary substances
  10. live a life free from the chains of addiction


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