zen garden at night

As fall approaches the Manor community is ready to take full advantage of the outside grounds of our campus.

Staff, residents and guests are lucky to have so many beautiful spaces in which to reflect and share time including the gardens, fire pit and serenity trail.  

The Manor has 2 gardens.

The Zen Garden is a place of beauty and calm contemplation.  It was built by members of the Manor of Hope community and under the direction of an experienced Japanese Gardens Master.

The Organic Food Garden produces food three seasons a year which is both consumed in-house and donated to our local community. In the middle of the garden is a pavilion under which our community holds meetings and group discussions.

The fire pit offers a great place to meet as well.  Outside guests are welcome around the fire every Monday at 7:00 PM when the Manor of Hope hosts a weekly Dharma meeting.

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serenity path

The latest addition to the grounds is the serenity path.

This winding, 315-foot stone path weaves through the wooded area of our campus.  The path is bordered by wooden benches bearing inscriptions of the Twelve Steps that were built by our community members in our woodshop.

At the Manor of Hope, we believe that physical spaces set the tone for how we spend our days.  All are encouraged to pay us a visit to enjoy the hard work and love put into our grounds.