Parent group at the farmparent group at MOHA parental support group from New Leaf Club joined us last week for a tour of our drug and alcohol rehabilitation support facilities.  We met at the Half Hill Farm in Malvern, where our residents work during their first few months with Manor of Hope.  We toured the grounds and the circa 1804 barn and parents familiarized themselves with the daily chores and responsibilities of our young men.

Chef Paul Marshall provided a wonderful selection of cheese and we sat outside and shared stories of our loved ones and our personal struggles as parents of children affected by the disease of addiction.

Later in the afternoon, we met again at the Manor of Hope where parents had the opportunity to tour the beautiful grounds and the home where our young men residents reside.  Chef Paul was busy again preparing an amazing and healthy meal. He spoke to the group about the importance of sound nutrition in rebuilding the bodies and minds of our residents and of all people fighting the battle of addiction.

We welcome parents and young men interested in looking for a long-term, effective solution to the problem of addiction to contact us.