andrew deery notes from the kitchenAt the Manor of Hope, we’ve created a healthy eating program that helps both the brain and the body heal. Long-term substance use puts stress on the mind and body. Many people eat very poorly, a diet of unhealthy processed foods and junk food.

Pizza is a favorite food of people worldwide

The guys at the Manor not only eat a nutritious diet full of organic foods but they learn how to cook meals that, after they leave the Manor, they’ll be able to easily whip up.


Food restrictions can make any diet nearly impossible to follow. Pizza is a favorite food of people worldwide, yet often falls outside of the realm of “nutritious foods.”  Attempting to completely eliminate pizza from your diet will probably leave you feeling unsatisfied, disappointed, confused, and/or disoriented. Instead, we learn that our meals should be tempered with moderation, which allows us to indulge in many of our favorite foods, while still maintaining a healthy diet.

As a study, we look at the components that are essential to a given dish and make determinations as to what ingredients can be added, omitted, or substituted to achieve the most nutritious result without sacrificing flavor or quality.  What we find is that most of our edits are simply a result of avoiding processed foods, and investing in good quality, fresh ingredients.
Margherita pizza was the goal, so we started our lesson by making pizza dough from scratch… using white whole wheat flour, yeast, water, and olive oil.  We pureed San Marzano tomatoes for our sauce and topped the pizzas with fresh mozzarella and basil.  14 minutes later we were rewarded with Margherita pizzas that were so good, we were lucky to get a photo!  
Great fun, nutrition, and valuable lessons learned!