The mental and physical health benefits of time in nature are well documented.

Studies have shown it to reduce anger, anxiety, and blood pressure while improving creativity and sleep.  It can be difficult in today’s world to find opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.  At the Manor of Hope, we hold each other accountable to do it.

We are grateful to have over 50 acres of wooded land on our campuses in Phoenixville.  We are also lucky to be in such close proximity to the hiking, biking, and kayaking opportunities found in Valley Forge and on the Schuylkill River.

Our recent retreat to the NY Finger Lakes gave us even more opportunity to explore nature.  The lodge was just a few minutes away from the historic Watkins Glenn State Park.  The park is world-famous for its cliffs and waterfalls.  Our group enjoyed multiple trips to the park to experience the trails and attractions.  Back at the lodge the guys fished (another staple Manor pastime) as well as kayaked.  At night there were opportunities for star gazing and for a brave cohort, camping.

Outdoor activity will always be a core part of anyone’s time at the Manor and we look forward to future destinations to explore in the coming year.