During our recent vacation to Seneca Lake, the gang had access to a beautiful sports boat, a powerful wave runner, kayaks, canoes, tubes, etc.

The gang certainly took advantage of all the water toys and spent as much time as possible in the crystal clear waters of Seneca Lake.

Immediately upon arrival, Dan E. hopped on the wave runner and took it for a fast spin.  Jose and Mike B. jumped on the boat and did the same.  The trio spent a while cruising up and down the beautiful lake, waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive.

The rest of the gang arrived a few hours later, and a few guys immediately grab the water skis and wakeboard and jumped on the boat to set the tone for what will be a great week of watersports.

Jesse, Ben, Dave, and Dan E. all took turns in the wakeboard, water skis, and kneeboard.  After that, came the highlight of the afternoon; tubing.

Each of the guys paired up in teams of two and tried to hang on for dear life as they battled the wind, waves, and the 3-foot wake behind the boat.  Each time eventually ended up falling off the tube, but not before pulling off some serious stunts and catching some big air.

Fishing and watersports were a daily occurrence while the gang was on vacation.  The fishing enthusiasts were up bright and early each day, and on the boat by 6:30 am, ready to drop some fishing lines around the deep lake.  The fishing action wasn’t great at Seneca Lake, but this didn’t deter the fishermen from trying.  They trolled fish in the morning, and went for catfish off the dock or paddled on the canoe or kayak with their fishing rods.

The gang will pause at around noon, for lunch, at which time the staff took the boat south to the marina to refuel, and get ready for yet another round of water sports in the afternoon.  Ben took the water sports award for mastering the art of wake surfing.  He did a great job of figuring out how to ride a wake behind the boat without a tow line.

The gang was out there every day, regardless of the temperature or weather conditions.  Each of them was loving the beautiful lake, the gorgeous cabin, and all that nature had to offer.

A full day of activities was followed by a delicious meal.  BBQ chicken, filet mignon, and grilled dogs and burgers were part of the delicious healthy menu.  We even had a hot wing eating contest during one of the evenings.  Some brave souls took on the challenge of eating some of the hottest sauces known to mankind.  The end result: Dan E. couldn’t handle the heat and ran from the kitchen into the dock and jumped in the chilly lake water to try to manage the hot sauce heat!

The evenings consisted of a combination of card games, board games, sitting by the fire pit, or relaxing by the hot tub.  Some of the days included a late-night fishing trip too!.

In the end, the entire team had a wonderful time.  One of the guys said “this is the best vacation I have ever had”, and another said, “I haven’t had this much fun in a long time”.

We at the Manor feel grateful that we can provide meaningful days for our guys while teaching them to have fun while being sober.

We cannot wait until our next trip!