• cooling off

The Manor of Hope team took advantage of the beautiful August weather by heading to the nearby Saint Peter’s Village for some quality outdoor experiences and bonding time.

We packed our swimming gear and prepared for an exciting afternoon of hiking and swimming.

We leaped our way across the Saint Peter’s boulders in order to arrive at the best swimming spot the place had to offer. The water was cold, but everyone put on their game faces and braved the frigid waters of the French Creek River.

As we adjusted to the temperature, a volleyball was busted out by Gary and then the real fun began!

We tossed the ball around for a while before Ryan, David and Kyle were suddenly struck with a wonderful idea: A casual game of “keep the ball above the water” was formed!

The guys stood in a circle and kept the ball above the water by head-butting it to each other. As the game went on, our record of head-butts began to increase and more of the Manor crew began to join in, while others cheered on from the woodsy trail. We managed to keep the ball above the water for thirteen consecutive head-butts!

Will the record be shattered before the end of the summer? It is very likely!

After some quality time at the swimming hole, the crew jumped across the rocks once again and headed up the river to enjoy some ice cream from the famous Scoops Shop. Another fun and adventurous Manor of Hope trip was had by all!